About Us

Why are we different from others?

  • Introducing any country’s local products to the international market.
  • Adopting new technology to the ever-changing business world.
  • Our international staff consists of native English, French, Italian, German and Spanish users.
  • We provide translation services for any product.
  • Since all methods are computerized, use the same rule for everyone.
  • Immediate removal of those who fail to maintain our rules, norms, terms, and conditions, if necessary prohibition.
  • As standardization, we generally follow European standards.
  • Ability to interact with manufacturer, seller, buyer, distributor, and shipper in a single platform.
  • It is a single platform that can put multi-price on a Home, Retail, Wholesale & Export basis.
  • It provides transactions in more than 10 foreign currencies.
  • More than 20 types of internal automated pricing methods are added to the system including all incoterm prices.
  • Continue monitoring and adherence to guidelines to ensure that all activities comply with fair business policies.

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