Seller Registration FAQ

  • 01. How To Register
    • First, you need to send us an email about what you have for sale (or send any social media message if you don't know much about the internet).
    • Your request must be in any sort of written format.
    • Upon receipt of your request, we will notify you of the feedback by email or message.
    • We do not make any verbal registration or confirmation as a seller.
  • 02. Who Can Register With Us

    From Individual to Multi-national company in any country.

    Sellers of all kinds;

    • Affiliate Sellers
    • Domestic Sellers
    • Exporters
    • Importers
    • Individuals
    • Manufacturers
    • Retailers
    • Wholesalers
  • 03. Can Anyone Become A Seller?
    • No. We don't add everyone as a seller, we consider the market situation, market influence, place, product quality, flexibility, demand, supply, behavior, necessity, reviews, and other criteria.
    • Therefore, there is no guarantee to accept every seller’s application but you can send an email for our concern and we may add you on a future date.
    • In addition, your undue influence, calls, political interference, or bribes will disqualify you as a seller, any trouble makers will ban from the system without notification.
  • 04. Time Taken To Approve The Application
    • We add upon your application, products, and categories, this is time taking process.
    • Because everyone is not coming from the same situation but different backgrounds & different computer knowledge hence it may take time to verify.
    • We add after verifying the overall criteria and slot availability
    • Due to our current technology usage and epidemic situation, the addition of vendors to the platform is limited.
  • 05. Seller Account
    • One person or company can only use one account on our platform. You can’t create several accounts.
    • Do not manipulate creating multi accounts it will cause your all accounts.
    • If you are a company then you need to register with your company registration number.
    • If you are an individual you must need to register your own National Identity Card or Passport or Driving Licence number.
    • If you are below 18 years old, you can use your parent’s N.I.C number if they allow. Your parents need to be responsible for your business with us.
  • 06. Profile Information
    • When creating a profile on our platform, you have to write true information, otherwise, your account will be removed without notification.
  • 07. What Products I Can Add & Sell
    • Any product that finds your home, garden, factory, or office.
    • We only allow you to add quality products but if the quality is not the best or beyond the expectation, then you have to mention product quality in the product description
    • Every product must satisfy ‘fit for the purpose & product description’.

      For example, if you are selling Coconut honey, you deserve a higher price for the best quality and should have a lower price for the coconut honey made by using sugar.

    • It is strictly forbidden to sell any products that are harmful, expired, eaten by animals, unfit for human consumption.
  • 08. If I Do Not Know The System
    • In the initial stage, we can create the store free of charge including all settings, but thereafter you need to carry on.
    • As an option, you can recruit your family member or staff to carry out the selling on our platform.
    • Further, if you need you can hire our assistant. You need to inform us by email, Internal message, or social media message. However, you may need to pay for external services daily-wise, weekly-wise or monthly-wise.
  • 09. To Whom I Can Sell

    You can sell to our worldwide buyers from individual buyers up to a large company.


    • Local Individuals & Institutional Buyers
    • Foreign Individuals & Institutional Buyers


    • Hotel Chains
    • Super Markets
    • Overseas Diasporas
    • Export Companies
    • Import Companies
  • 10. If I Couldn't Sell Anything
    • If you are unable to sell anything, we will refund your registration fees after a one-year completion, so your money will not be lost at all.
    • We also remove you from our system after one year.
  • 11. Can I Transfer My Seller Account ?
    • No, you can't. ID card owner and seller must be the same person.
      A new person needs a new account with an ID Number.
    • In case if you are already banned or blocked seller because of guilty or fraud and you still try to connect using someone’s ID or passport, if we identify in the same day or after some time, we will block you again and we may take legal action with your previous records with us.
  • 12. Can I Become A Seller Without Having A Membership ?
    • No, you can’t. But you can be a free seller without paying for a membership plan.
  • 13. My Login Password Forgot

    In case you have forgotten your login password, click on ‘Forgot Password. Enter your registered email id and password in the pop up to get a new password or inform us at

  • 14. Can I Cancel My Account ?
    • Yes. If you ever decide that isn’t the right solution for your business, just inform us, we will delete your account on our platform.
  • 15. Application Rejection
    • If you have been notified that your application has been rejected, you can reapply, or you will have to wait until we notify you. We may or may not have stated why your application is being rejected.
    • If you have notified us that your application has been 'Retained/Hold', you can notify us by sending us an email a week or two later.
  • Benefits of registering on

    1.Your products open for  Local and foreign markets

    2. Purchases by local and international buyers

    3. Buyers can purchase any time, any day, anywhere

    4. Free advertising for products locally and overseas

    5. Connecting everyone through the same network

    6. Internal communication facilities for all users

    7. The goods can be sold after the buyer has paid the price

    8. Finding buyers in advance for products

    9. Minimize waste and be able to sell it when it needs

    10. Payment security for your products

    11. Growing and creating new business opportunities

    12. Speed up the demand and supply chain system

    13. Provide an international high-quality professional service

    14. Foreign Language Translation Services

    15. Keep up to date with market trends

    16. System ban for malpractice buyers and sellers

    17. Provide documents for Bank Loan Facilities

    18. It is possible to earn extra income either as part or full-time business.

    19. It is an automated computerized system & transparent procedures, everyone has one law.

    20. Many other advantages

    Types Of Sellers

    Home Seller
    • Anyone who does business from home or is interested in doing business from home is considered a home seller. If you are looking for self-employment or a steady income from home, you can join us and start a successful business. There you can sell handicrafts, food businesses, art businesses, home gardening vegetables, fruits, grains, and other home-grown products to our buyers. 
    • If you are a registered person for selling retails products, you can register as a retailer. You should have registered in the government to become a retailer. This is similar to re-selling.
    • If you are engaging in wholesaling business, you can register with us as a wholesaler. You can sell retail-wise and wholesale-wise.
    • A manufacturer is any business that produces finished goods from raw materials. They sell these goods to consumers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and other manufacturers. You can be small or large scale manufacture. You should have registered in the government to register with us as manufacture.
    • A person or entity who is engaging in export business can register with us as an exporter. We promote our business worldwide where you can avail the free international promotion benefits by registering with us.
    Foreign Seller
    • Anyone who is a permanent resident outside Sri Lanka, a dual citizen, or does not have a Sri Lankan passport will be considered a foreign seller. You can register with us as an overseas seller under the foreign or large-scale membership plan.
    Affiliate Business
    • If you’re a parallel online business like us, you can join us to increase business opportunities. You must be a registered entity.

    Seller Badges

    • We give these badges to any vendor who does good business at
    • This will help to increase their profits, part-time income, sales volume, new buyers, and seller reputation.
    • The badges display under the seller’s profile name.
    • We will offer these badges after verifying evidence.
    • If you do not receive the relevant badges, please contact us.
    • You must have a minimum order quantity to receive logos.
    • Those minimum orders vary by product.
    • If the seller is unable to maintain the service or receives complaints from clients, the relevant badges will be removed.
    • 1 Star Seller

    If your review level is one, you will become Star one seller.

    • 2 Stars Seller

    If your review level is two, you will become a 2 Stars seller.

    • 3 Stars Seller

    If your review level is three, you will become a 3 Stars seller.

    • 4 Stars Seller

    If your review level is four, you will become a 4 Stars seller.

    • 5 Stars Seller

    If your review level is five, you will become a 5 stars seller.

    • Best Seller

    That is, the top ten sellers for a product. It must have a minimum 4 stars rating.

    • Recommended Seller

    Product & service tested by our company. It must have a minimum 4 stars rating.

    • Professional Seller

    The seller must have at least 5 years of registered business. A good name for a product, focusing on specific products, respectful customer service before and after. It must have at least a 4 stars rating.

    • Genuine Seller

    Overall best seller, quality goods, and service offered by the seller. It must have a minimum 5 stars rating.

    • Best Choice

    Top 10 best-selling products. It must have a minimum 3 stars rating.

    • 100% Organic Fast Foods

    A fast-food seller that uses 100% organic products and ingredients. There shouldn’t be chemicals & food preservation.

    • 100% Organic Food Products

    Any seller who makes any edible food products with 100% natural products & ingredients which don’t use any chemicals or artificial Preservation.

    • 100% Nature Products

    Any seller who makes the product totally from natural materials without taking any artificial material.

    • Original Product

    Seller who makes products using the right products and raw materials.

    • Support seller

    That is, the solidarity seller. A seller who is very poor or needs the help of others to grow a business.

    • Quality Assured

    Seller who is having relevant quality certificates to make the products. It must have a minimum 4 stars rating.

    • Sanitary Standards

    These are places where our staff or vendor proves that they follow hygiene standards.

    • Women Empowerment

    Business ownership is done by a woman

    • Exporter

    Registered export individuals or companies.

    • 100 % Country of Origin

    Vendors who manufacture products entirely in one specific country without obtaining raw materials or products from another country.

    Customer Reviews

    • Any Buyers can make a review on sellers products or services.
    • You can’t review unless you do not purchase any product or service as a seller or buyer.
    • To write a review, the buyer must have purchased a product.
    • A seller can’t use a buyer account to write a good review on his products or a negative review of a competitor’s product.
    • A seller can’t offer a third party a financial reward, discount, free products, or other compensation in exchange for a review on their product or their competitor’s product.
    • The seller must maintain a minimum of 2/5 Stars to stay on our platform.
    • In any case, your account can be temporarily or permanently deleted if the reviews are at an unacceptable level.
    • As our main target both local and international markets, we greatly appreciate your sincere fair business commitment. It helps to increase the overall trust and effectiveness of our service.
    • We urge all sales communities to adhere to our norms, terms, and conditions.
    • has the sole ability to take direct action against anyone to minimize these problems; fake people, fake products, fake buyers, fake sellers, fake contracts, unfair business deals, etc.
    • We allow you to communicate with our buyers through the internal system. But if you violate it, both of you will no longer be eligible to remain on our platform.
    • You cannot use bad language or bad behavior; it may lead to ban you.
    • You will know whether your account blocks or not by the inability to log with the password you provided.
    • If you’ve banned forever, you will see our web page 404 Not Found. In the event of a permanent ban, your organization or anyone at home may not able to access using the same IP address. Even if you log in through a VPN service, you may not be able to get paid services, it is being blocked by our system.
    • We consider a breach of the Terms and Conditions to be detrimental to our users and us. We reserve the full right to terminate your Agreement immediately and we have full autonomous power to exclude you from the system by any means as a seller or buyer or both.


    The actions we take but not limited to:
    1. Immediate, temporary or permanent removal.
    2. Eliminate the seller’s sales rights and withholding of funds at
    3. Delete all feedback of the product and block the product from receiving any feedback or ratings.
    4. Permanent removal of the products from
    5. Judicial proceedings, including litigation and referral to civil and criminal enforcement agencies against the user.
    6. Disclosing the name of the infringing seller and other associated information publicly.
    7. See ‘BlockUsers’ for more information.
    How to inform compliance?

    You can contact us by sending an email to

    Our Service Charge Violation

    • We pay a high cost to maintain the system and carry out the service more efficiently, then it is not fair for you to deal with our customers in any other way except our margins.
    • It is also dishonest that you try to make a profit from the service charges of other sellers.
    • If the majority of sellers are accustomed to these malpractices, will be unable to maintain this service. It is a disadvantage for all. We, therefore, have the full right to temporarily or permanently ban vendors who misuse the system. Those users will not be accepted again.
    • We look forward to your contributions, cooperation, and commitment. We urge you to refrain from making unnecessary deals with our buyers. If you do not understand fair business practices, please do not join our platform.


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