1. On our website, we emphasize that these statements are to avoid frauds or fake business opportunities as much as possible. It is the reason we only invite fair business followers to join us.
  2. We emphasize that you pay not only for the goods but also for our trusted service; you may pay a higher charge than normal charges because of our trustworthiness. Therefore, we regulate bad users for the sake of all other users.
  3. We want to inform our users that fraud or the temptation to commit fraud is not allowed in our network. No matter what situation you are in, no matter what you do, we treat fraud as fraud, wrong as wrong.
  4. Giving compensation or gifts to our employees is also not acceptable, if you want to provide a sample, please get approval from the admin.
  5.  We ask you to do all transactions through transparent methods, all our payment methods are transparent and systematically provide details of every transaction you made, no way to fraud any seller or buyer through the system.
  6.  Use our internal messaging system to communicate with each other, but providing contact details may lead to ban sellers, buyers, or both. You need to get permission to share contact details.
  7. When there is a blockage, we may add your IP address to our blacklist, everyone visiting from that IP address will block thereafter. For example, all web traffic coming from a large company or home can come from a single IP address, and if we block that IP address, no one from that company or home can access our website.
  8. Even you try to access from other VPN sites, it may not possible to register because we block your name, NIC, Passport, or Driving license and your IP address. Moreover, any online payment will not complete correctly.
  9. For public awareness, individuals or companies involved in the ban may be updated here with some of those details.
  10. We follow all rules strictly and one law for users will be applied.

Block User Incident

We consider the following issues, mistakes, or intentional frauds that may lead to blocking you temporally or permanently from the system.

  1. Distribution of other goods in lieu of advertised goods.
  2. Selling illegal products by changing some parts.
  3. Lack of items as mentioned in the product description.
  4. Distribution issues.
  5. Manufacture and sale of unhealthy products.
  6. Use of many chemicals, which harm for human.
  7. Selling stolen products.
  8. Selling goods using forged documents or contracts.
  9. You refuse to pay or hide after receiving the order
  10. Buying or selling goods under duress
  1. Other intimidation & harassment
  2. Doing or attempting to do obscene or express bitter words.
  3. Committing or attempting financial fraud
  4. Spam, Fake Emails, Calls, etc.
  5. Advertising goods that are high in quality but provide very low-quality goods.
  6. Mixing products with fake ingredients and sell them without mentioning them in the sales description.
  7. Sharing Contact Details.
  8. Bad Behavior.
  9. Physical & mental threat of attacks
  10.  Other rules and regulation violations.

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