01). Buyer Types

A) General buyer

  • You can buy products as usual.

B) Membership Buyer

  1. After filling out the buyer’s application, you can become a membership buyer. It is completely free.
  2. You have more opportunities to access our sellers.
  3. Ability to send your quotations through us to multiple sellers at once.
  4. Ability to special sales & price offers.
  5. Any buyer can register, but our service may be limited due to the supply requests.

2). Only one purchase account per buyer

  1. As a buyer, you can only create one purchase account.
  2. You can use your National Identity Card Number or Passport Number or Business Registration Number to register with us.
  3. If you are not registered, you will need to send a copy of your National Identity Card or Passport, Driving License, or a bill for your name.
  4. You cannot use another person’s NIC (NIC) number or passport number. It can lead to you being banned for misuse.

3). Account disables

  1. If your account has already been permanently blocked by some fraud, you will not be allowed to use the same ID or another name to recreate another account.
  2. Multiple Accounts – To prevent fraud and errors, users are limited to have one active account.
  3. Avoiding guidelines, promoting competitive advantage, misbehaving, causing third-party problems, will lead to stop your account, all related sales accounts may also be removed from the system.
  4. We constantly update your account in the system (Follow up & Update) to monitor your activity.

4). How do I browse the products by their category?

  1. You can find different types of products in different categories on the homepage of ExportNeed.Com, or type in the search menu.
  2. You can click on all categories to select a larger list of product categories.
  3. Click on the ‘Advance Option’ button and use the various menus to find what you most want.
  4. If your product is not included here you can send us a purchase quote.
5). Payment
  1. If you want to buy goods, you have to pay the full price at the time of ordering.
    Your payments are secure until you receive the goods in your hand.
  2. Before you buy a product, consult with the seller and get an agreement on pricing, return, and damage to the item.
  3. Refunds will be considered for you when the seller breaks them.
  4. If you bypass us and make payments outside of us, it could be a reason to suspend your account in violation of the Terms.
  5. If you are importing, you can use letters of credit.
  6. Once you receive the goods, C.O.D only applies to certain items.
  7. Visit the “Payments” page for different payment methods, payment limits, and other limitations.

6). Cancellation

  1. Cancellation applies on a case-by-case basis.
  2. You can not cancel when the supplier is ready to start your production.
  3. Orders cannot be canceled when the supplier is ready to deliver.
  4. If the seller is unable to produce on time, you can notify us.
  5. When goods are canceled without a valid reason we do not refund them.
  6. The cancellation method depends on the seller and asks him before making a purchase.
  7. If you have an order to make a change, it must come to an internal agreement with the seller.
  8. If the seller incurs any loss during the cancellation of your order, your order will not be canceled or the seller’s interior consensus is required from the system.

7). Damages & Loss

  1. Please note that we Gewattha.com are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred during the purchase process due to the failure of the seller or other.
  2. All your products are made by different suppliers so we do not test or monitor any product. The goods are delivered directly to you by the seller.
  3. Buying is at your own risk. If you do not feel sales protection, do not go for those purchases with any supplier.
  4. We always say to have internal discussions in order to eliminate possible irregularities from the seller. In the event of any malfunction, we bring these discussions to the fore in order to take action.
  5. Transparency is very important for all users to make any decision.
    You can use the review system to let others know about any inconvenience caused by our supplier.

8). Return

  1. Please talk to the seller about returning your items.
  2. You will have to bear the cost If the seller does not accept returns.
  3. Delivery or shipping charges will not be refunded in any circumstance
  4. Please check the specification on the product page that the seller accepts the return. 


1)Usage of Reviews

  1. If your item is not the same as it describes, then you can make a review of the seller’s product, then others will follow your feedback.
  2. You can’t make the review as a seller’s supporter or staff then your account will be a temporary or permanent ban.
  3.  You can’t also make the review as a competitor or revival buyer on seller’s products, then your account will be banned temporally or permanently.
  4. We expect a fair review system for everyone’s benefit.
  5. When required, your reviews should have credible evidence.

2) How can I file Complaints and Trade Disputes

  • Send us an email immediately with regard to your issue.
  • Keep photos, screen shots, records, videos for evidence.

3) What we can do?

  1. We will check your issue immediately and inform your seller.
  2. If this is an ordinary issue we inform the seller to correct his mistake.
  3. If it is a major issue, we will ban it temporally or permanently as a seller.
  4. If the offense is serious, fraudulent, intentional, unlawful, criminal, etc., it is permanently prohibited from the system as a whole and we assist in enforcing the relevant laws.

4) Providing third party’s information

  •  For the safety of the users, we keep the personal information of the sellers or we do not disclose those for buyers.
  • If any legal issues take place then we will provide them to the relevant legal authority.
  • You can’t make any undue influence for us demanding seller’s personal information, in case if you demanding, your buyer application will be rejected.

5) How much time does it take to resolve a complaint?

It depends on the issue.

6) Can I file a complaint against seller products listed on ExportNeed.Com?

  • If there are legal entities, misrepresentations, copyright issues, counterfeit, stolen products, please inform us. We will remove it and not allow it to sell on our platform.

7) What to do in case of the seller does not respond?

  1. ExportNeed.Com connects customers directly and internally with relevant suppliers.
  2. Vendors do not update information about certain products, but it is shown for sale within the system. In such uncertainties, consult the seller internally and make a purchase.
  3. The seller would not respond to a customer for items not purchased. We also would not interfere in that.
  4. If the supplier does not respond to defective items, fill out the complaint form and notify us. We will provide the required solutions from the seller within a short period of time. It can be positive or negative.

8) Violations

Please visit complaints, complaint resolution, Block users, Privacy Policy, Terms, and conditions for more information.

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